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Everlane Review

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I picked up 2 items from Everlane because I was so curious about the brand. I got the items during the “choose what you pay” boxing week event. I chose a top and a pair of pants which lean on the summery side but I think I’ll be able to style them year-round. The items came fairly quickly considering they were coming from the US and they arrived in a super aesthetic brown paper bag.

Everlane is a US company (all prices are in USD) but you can choose your currency on the website and they include duties and taxes at checkout so there are no surprises when you get a package. I

FIY: This post is not sponsored and I purchased these items with my own money. None of the links are referral or affiliate links.

Here are the items that I ordered and my thoughts on them:

The Slouchy Chino

Size: 00

Colour: Covert Green

$58 usd

Currently: https://www.everlane.com/products/womens-slouchy-chino-pant-covertgreen

Material: 98% cotton and 2% elastane

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

At the bottom of the webpage, Everlane includes an info-graphic that shows the cost of labour, materials, transport, etc. They then show the Everlane price ($58) versus the traditional retail ($115). This infographic gives you an idea of the true cost ($23) required to make the item and how it has been marked-up.

This piece was made in Shenzhen, China at Lever Shirt (Shenzhen) Ltd. This factory was started in 1956 to specialize in creating tailored shirts. The owner of the factory aspires to modernize his company by improving working conditions while producing high quality garments.

The pants have false back pockets. It is garment dyed, meaning that the piece has already been pre-shrunk and the colour (a muted olive green) should be more vibrant.

Initial Reaction: Upon taking the pants out of the packaging, the material seems high quality. They’re like a smooth (almost silky) thicker cotton. They were super creased from the get-go (understandable since they had probably been folded for ages). I ordered the smallest size in these pants (for reference I’m a 24 or 25 in denim) and they were just too big. Way too big. I tried to make them work with a belt, but you know when the waist of pants wrinkle too much if they are way too big when you belt them? Yeah… that happened. So I’m going to see if I can get them tailored. They fit nicely in the hips and in terms of leg length, so I’m hoping that a tailor can take in the waist for me.

In-depth reaction: I’ve sent these pants back to Everlane. The reason I returned them is because they just looked too big, even with a belt and the amount they would have to be tailored, I think, would ruin the integrity of the pants (ie. the pleating details). So, I figured I would just return them and then use my store credit at a later date for something I truly love.

The Cotton Crop Tee

Size: XXS

Colour: Navy & White Striped

$18 usd

Currently: https://www.everlane.com/products/womens-ctn-crop-tee-navy-whitestripe

Material: 100% cotton

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

According to their “True Cost” infographic, this top cost $8. Everlane charges $18 and they believe the traditional retail cost would be $35.

This piece was made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They go into more detail on how they found this factory and why they chose to work with them. One bonus at Nobland Vietnam Co., Ltd. is that it is led by a female president! In 2016, Everlane helped support the employees of this factory by providing safe helmets they could use while driving their main source of transportation, mopeds, to work.

Initial Reaction: When I first opened this shirt, I was really worried that it looked way too short. Once again I ordered the smallest size available since I am petite but it looked really cropped. Generally, I like crop tops that meet the hemline of my high-waisted options and don’t show skin. When I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised because, although it’s more cropped than most of my stuff, it looks really flattering since it is a boxier fit. Plus, I have a few very high-waisted skirts and there is no skin showing when I pair them together. This one is a success! Definitely pleased and definitely worth it.

Also to note: on the shirt, there is no tag sewn inside (the company and sizing is printed directly in the shirt) so that way there is no annoying tag on the inside! Which I appreciate in a comfy cotton tee.

The Cheeky Straight Jean

Size: 23 Regular

Colour: Sky Blue

$68 usd

Currently: https://www.everlane.com/products/womens-high-rise-straight-jean-regular-lightbluewash

Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

This piece was made in Bien Hoa, Vietnam in a LEED-certified factory that prioritizes sustainable practices. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an international certification system that recognizes buildings and communities using strategies to increase their sustainability. These sustainable practices means recycling their water and air-drying their jeans. The by-products from the denim creation process is used to make bricks for affordable housing.

When I returned the slouchy chinos, I used my store credit towards these jeans. I originally decided to purchase them because I’ve been looking for a style and wash like these and saw @styleapotheca rock them on instagram. I ordered both a size 23 and 24 in order to see which size would fit better. In denim, I’m normally a 24 or 25 depending on the rise and cut but a few people in reviews commented saying you could size down for a slimmer fit.

Initial Reaction: These jeans didn’t come in the normal Everlane bag which I thought was odd but they were nicely folded and packaged on the inside. I unfolded the 23 first and knew right away that they were the correct size. I was excited because it seemed to have a smaller waist and lots of room for the hips, which I need for my pear-shaped body. One thing that stood out is that they kind of smell like a fresh pool or spa. It’s kind of weird that a scent like that is coming from denim but its not offensive in any way.

When I tried the jeans on, they fit almost perfect. The length is a little long on me (to be expected) so I rolled them up but I could give them a chop to have a raw hem (I could’ve also ordered the ankle length if I didn’t want to roll them). the waist has a little bit of extra room (gaping in the back) but it’s less than 1” so I’m not worried about it (and it looks good on). I love the way it fits everywhere else. I think the cut is very flattering, it’s a slightly thinner denim (if you’re comparing to a traditional Levis pair) and has a little bit of stretch in it (which makes it comfortable).

In-depth reaction: After wearing these a few times… guys I love these. They are pretty much perfect. I’m always getting compliments or questions on where my jeans are from and I love that when I answer, it’s supporting an ethical and sustainable brand. For the price-point, I think they’re awesome value for money (even with the usd to cad exchange rate). They’re perfectly comfy, super flattering and the cut and colour work with various top options.

They recently came out with the same cut but in a non-stretch thicker cotton (reminiscent of more vintage-y denim). I wonder if in that case it might be better to order your normal size and if they’ll be just as comfy!

Overall, Everlane is definitely a brand I would shop from again. I’m most excited about the Cheeky Jean, but I think I’ll probably wear the cropped striped T a lot in the spring and summer. The only thing that kind of discourages me from ordering again is the fact that the chinos I ordered were so far from my size (they were at least 3-4 sizes too large). It makes me nervous since shipping and duties to Canada are a little pricey and I can’t guarantee that the sizing will work for me. Even with the denim, I’m not normally a 23 but I read a ton of reviews and asked people about them in order to figure out that I should size down. That being said, my experience with returns to Everlane has been amazing and the customer service team is really helpful and respond fairly quick!

I will totally order denim from them again and probably try some other stuff (just maybe not a super tailored piece).

Have you tried Everlane? What are your thoughts?



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