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Elizabeth Suzann - Clyde Pants Review

Updated: May 26, 2020

Clyde Work Pant

Material: cotton canvas (100% cotton)

Colour: clay

Size: 0

Length: short

Cost: $245 USD

Just an FYI: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the Clyde pant with my own money, at full price and none of the links are affiliates. I’m purely giving you my honest opinion as a regular customer who would’ve wanted a more in-depth review before purchasing.

Elizabeth Suzann - the company

The vision of this company is to prioritize careful, mindful consuming of quality garments. They treat people right, care about material and focus on craftsmanship. Liz is the founder and designer behind it all. You can also find out more about everyone who works at ES here.

I really enjoyed looking at the photos of their studio. It’s so nice to see such a beautiful work environment and a place where the space and people who work within it are appreciated. Everything is cut and sewn in Nashville, TN and made-to-order. That’s why there is a certain lead-time before your order gets shipped out.

Now on the details...

I ordered these pants January 25th and received them on March 4th. It took about 2 weeks for shipping so that gives you a little bit of a time-frame for how long it might take if you’re shipping to Canada. I did get hit with some duty fees (as expected) and the package did hang out in customs for almost a week (the anticipation was killing me).

The packaging was so lovely to open up. The pants were folded nicely in a bag, wrapped in a printed paper (which I’m planning on repurposing because it’s such a lovely print of a painting) and then the box is a sturdy cardboard with the ES logo stamped on the front. I think this box will also be a nice size to re-use when wrapping a gift or storing art supplies.

Initial Reaction

The pants looked tiny because of the stretch waistband but they were super easy to slip-on and it wasn’t hard to get them past my hips (which is usually where I have to shimmy and wiggle to get pants up because of my pear-shaped body).

I felt like I was in-between a size 2 and a 0 and ended up emailing the ES team to get their opinion (in October), based on my measurements. I opted for the smaller size in the short inseam based on their recommendation. The smaller size was definitely the way to go, they slip on easily and have tons of room in the elastic waistband (and extra room in the thighs as well).

The material is a super heavyweight cotton (they say cotton canvas - and if you’re a painter you might be able to see how a raw canvas holds a similar weight and weave as these pants). The sewing was impeccable and I loved the personal touch of the inside tag which said (in my case) that the pants were sewn by Elliott. Thank you Elliott, for being so talented at what you do! There is not one flaw in the quality, fabric or design of the pants.

I had a lot of fun reading about the different people who work at ES and found out more about Elliott there too! He seems like quite the creative individual and someone who is talented at so many different things! It’s nice to know the story behind the garment and to appreciate the person who made it.

Back to the pants: they have an elastic waist, super elongating middle seams on the legs and really wide, roomy half-moon pockets on either side. I was really attracted to purchasing these pants because they seemed so durable and practical - an item I can see myself living and moving in.

My Miscalculation

I don’t know exactly what to call this section, but the one thing that disappointed me about this pant is that it’s a shorter pant. I ordered the short length because I’m 5”2’ and in the email it was recommended, but I should’ve thought it through a bit more and been more aware of my climate in Ontario. I like when pants are slightly longer so I can wear them in the colder months and then have the option to wear them cuffed in the warmer months.

When I first put them on, I felt they were too short (like almost capris). The shortness works well with sock boots, but looks a little bit silly with some of my other booties. For future reference, I would order the regular length in order to have more versatility. For me, because of the length, it feels like these Clydes are more of a spring-summer piece.

That being said, it’s totally my fault that I ordered the short and didn’t think about wanting the extra length (normally I never have an issue of having pants be too long on me - so I never thought that would happen!). A few reviews also mentioned ordering a longer length option (especially coming from people who live in colder climates).

The Fit and Style

Let’s chat a bit about the style and fit of these cotton canvas Clydes. First off they fit higher-rise - so for my 5”2’ frame, the waistband hits above my belly button. They skim the hips and butt (not skin tight, a bit of wiggle room) and are roomy in the thighs (for me). I carry my weight on my bottom half. These pants taper down the leg and at their hem they are actually quite tight around my calves.

In terms of the style, the centre seam down the front and back is very elongating. The roomy pockets do create a sort of focal point at the hips, so these pants do emphasize a wider hip and then nip in the waist. I think those qualities make the illusion of an hour-glass figure - but that being said, if you don’t want to bring attention to your hips, this might not be the style for you.

Because of the thicker material and waistband, these pants are also really good for tucking shirts in, or half-tucking chunky knit sweaters.

The colour and durability of these pants makes me feel kind of like an explorer or archeologist. Styling-wise I think they pair well with thick sweaters or a more fitted shirt tucked in. I also like the look of a crop top - but one that is more on the “heavy” side, in terms of a darker colour or longer sleeve length in order to balance the volume of the bottom. In terms of shoes, I think they look great with sock boots or nude mules.

The Nitty-Gritty

One major thing I have to mention is that these pants were a splurge. And I have no problem saving up and splurging on a high-quality garment. But you may be wondering, is it worth it?

It’s hard to say straight up after only having them for a little while. I would say it’s for sure worth it if it lasts at least for 5 years in my wardrobe on constant rotation.

But let’s talk about the here and now in terms of cost:

One reason I don’t mind the cost is because of the story behind the garment. I’m glad that I’m supporting Liz, Elliot, Taylor and Alexandra; to name a few of the people who I interacted with. They made the garment, emailed me back, wrote me a note in my package, etc. The fact that those names aren’t hidden behind a Brand (capital B because sometimes Brands become entire entities and beings), means a lot to me. I want them to succeed and do good things and pursue their passions and I hope that my purchase is a little way of supporting them.

So the people behind it all are a big reason why I justify the splurge. But if you just want to pin it down to the physical garment…

I appreciate the beautiful material, the great sewing and the innovative and practical design of the garment. I appreciate that the item is made-to-order and there will never be hundreds of tonnes of “overstock” textiles that get wasted because a style didn’t sell well.

I appreciate that the styles are timeless and satisfy my need for pockets.

So yes, it did end up being around a $350 cad price tag because of exchange rates and duties, etc. But for me, it’s worth it.

The Conclusion

So you may be wondering - will I purchase from ES again?

Absolutely, but probably not anytime soon. And that’s because A) I don’t need any new garments right now, and B) It’s quite the splurge purchase that I would need to save up for quite a long time.

Elizabeth Suzann is a place where you can find beautiful designs, materials and craftsmanship and I love knowing the story behind the garment. What do you think about Elizabeth Suzann? Have you tried their clothes? Let me know in the comments below!

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