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DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds

Ever since the beginning of isolation, I've been digging around my cupboards - not only decluttering but also finishing those tiny tedious tasks that I just "never" have time to do. I actually made a batch of reusable cotton rounds about 2 years ago, but I had pre-cut fabric to make more - and then never did! So here's the DIY:


- Fabric (I chose tattered flannel PJ bottoms)

- Thread

- Scissors

- Needle

- Pins or safety pins

Step 1

The first step is to cut circles of fabric. My cotton rounds end up being 3.5 inches in diameter - so I cute my circles 4 inches in diameter so I had some seam allowance (aka wiggle room). My cotton rounds are doubled so I use 2 pieces of fabric for each round.

Step 2

I pin my 2 circles of fabric together with the pattern facing inwards. We're going to be sewing these rounds inside out so that the seam doesn't show on the outside! Then, sew along the perimeter (living a bit of room from the outer edge of the fabric) of the circles using an easy running stitch.

Step 3

Once you've sewn around most of the circle - stop! With an inch and a half left to sew, it's time to turn the cotton round inside out (or right side in, technically). Push the fabric through the hole and straighten it out so that you're looking at the patterned side of your fabric.

Step 4

It's time to close up the cotton round! Tuck in the edges of your fabric and hold it down while you continue your running stitch. Once you've closed it up, tie a knot and you're done! Easy peasy!


- Using a flannel fabric is easy because it doesn't fray much - which means it's not necessary to do another fancy stitch along the seams!

- I use my cotton rounds with micellar water, let them dry overnight and then in the morning I throw them in a laundry bag. At the end of the week, that laundry bag goes into the washer and dryer with my clothes and the cotton rounds emerge squeaky clean for another week of use!

- I chose to hand sew these cotton rounds because they only take 5 minutes, but there are tons of tutorials online if you're interested in using a sewing machine

-I would opt for a darker colour fabric because lighter colours will stain easily and look really dirty - even if they're freshly washed and clean!

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