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December Catch-Up

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I took a bit of an unanticipated break from blogging for the later half of December, so I figured I would catch you all up on what I've been up to during the holidays.


I had a month off from grad school which has been AMAZING. I definitely needed a break from (mostly) all the reading, the commuting and the constant deadlines. It's been so nice to spend time at home and not have a paper looming at the back of my mind.


I work retail part-time but as you know, the consumerist holiday season was just upon us and so I've been working full-time hours this past month. I'm really grateful that I was able to work as much as I did because I know in January shifts will be sparse and I need to save up!

I'm also really excited because I've been looking into (and applying) to internships for the summer! It's a requirement in my program and I've been trying to get a head-start on finding a placement.


Part of the beauty of the holidays is being able to give and to help others. I've been so happy to give gifts to my loved ones, donate to toy drives and round up my purchases to donate to charities that companies are supporting.


I've been blessed with some beautiful gifts this year and as a result I'm decluttering some older items that no longer serve a purpose in my life or have been replaced by something I've received this season! Maintaining a "relaxed" one-in, one-out rule has meant that my space hasn't been bombarded by the holidays. I've also been going through my closet to take a look at wintery items that I haven't worn this season yet and reconsidering their place in my closet.

How has your holiday season been?! Anything fun and exciting happening in January for you all?

I might write a post about some new year goals and habits that I'd like to work on but I'm not into super strict New Years resolutions.

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