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Current loves: Summer

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I love hearing about other people’s favourites in order to see maybe which brands or things I’d like to try out since they have become someone’s favourite. Hearing that a product is good through word of mouth is so much more impactful and authentic rather than seeing a sponsored youtube video or items that were gifted.

Here’s what I’ve been actually loving this month:


I’ve been loving wearing linen clothes this summer! It’s been super humid the past week or so and linen is the only material I don’t feel like I’m melting in. Most of my linen pieces come from Aritzia (and lot’s of them are in their summer sale!!) but I know lot’s of people say they can find gems at the thrift store. Personally, I don’t have much luck with finding linen in my size and within my style at the thrift store - but if you can - what a score! I try to pick linen pieces that are timeless and neutral colours. I especially like wrap-style cuts!


I’m not normally a hat person - I have a small head and they always fit wayyy too loose on me. But I love the look of hats! So I decided to take this hat for a spin on my pea-sized head. It’s still a little loose so I might lose it if a gust of wind comes along - but I’ve been loving styling it and I think it makes everything look so summery!

Glowy and Bronzed Skin

I’ve also gravitated towards blending more bronzer on the contours of my face (I’m currently using a mini sample size of the Bobbi Brown bronzer in medium) as well as using a liquid highlighter on the high points of my cheeks. I find that liquid highlighters give off a really beautiful dewy “glow from within” finish that I’m all about! Right now I’m using the Becca shimmering skin perfector in moonstone (it can also be used as a mix-in with foundation!).

Iced Coffee

I love coffee year round but lately I’ve been making my own iced coffee at home! I’ll brew a bunch in my French Press and let it chill in the fridge overnight. In the morning I just add a bit of milk and voila - nice cold coffee without a ridiculous amount of ice and sweetener.

Nrdy Grl on Youtube

So lately I’ve been binge-watching Erica’s channel. It’s mostly thrift trips and thrift hauls and DIYs, which I love watching! Some of her videos she actually visits one of my local thrift store - what a small world! Her style isn’t entirely the same as my own but I love seeing her finds and her thought process as she chooses pieces. I also appreciate that her hauls aren’t like 50 items each time - it’s much more realistic!

Maude Lewis

So just let me art history nerd-out right now. A new exhibit opened at the McMichael art gallery - and guys - I love Maude Lewis’ work! She was a folk artist from Nova Scotia who loved painting decorative motifs, animals and little harbour scenes. I just love how whimsical and dreamy her paintings are and the colours are so happy and vibrant. She lived a really hard life and I admire that she put so much joy into her art-making. I picked up a little pin from the gift shop of one of her favourite animals to paint: a long-haired black cat. I love it because my sister has a cat that looks identical to it, which makes me so happy! So yeah - I’m into Maude Lewis’ works right now! You should check out her pieces!

What are your current favourites?



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