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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I love thrifting and I thought I would take you along my thought process as I go thrifting on a solo trip. I really like thrifting by myself because it means I can spend as much (or as little) time as I want if whatever section!

Lately I’ve chosen not to get a basket or a cart upon entering. In my mind, grabbing a cart means I’ll be stocking up on things - which isn’t what I want. I want to find one or two wonderful pieces! And if I’m only anticipating picking up a couple of items, I can hold those in my hand easily while I shop around. The only time I would grab a cart for clothing is for jeans and sweaters since those are bulkier items that are hard to gage if they will fit right off the rack.

I usually start to shop in the least busy aisles - so today that meant that I started in t-shirts and tanks and then skipped over a few aisles to look at skirts and dresses.

I picked up a handful of pieces and ventured into the shoe section. Unfortunately, there was nothing good shoes-wise today! But I wasn’t discouraged. My favourite place to look for items is the put-back rack by the fitting rooms. This is usually where all the goodies hide. Someone has already curated those items so they usually are the best stuff in the store.

Alas, nothing good there either. So I took my 5 items into the fitting room.

A peachy pink tank

I thought this would make a great under-layer for sheer tops. Unfortunately there was some misshaping in the fabric because of previous wear, so I decided against it. It was originally by the Aritzia brand, Babaton.

White blouse with ruffle sleeve

This was another Aritzia number I found. It was really cute but ended up being a bit too big on me (gaping around the arm holes) and I also felt like the ruffle on the sleeve was a bit too girly for me (I’m not really into ruffles!).

Neutral striped jumpsuit

Now this item has so much potential. It was vertically striped in nice creams, greys and pinks. It was a linen-y material, wrap-front, culotte-style bottom. SO CUTE. But unfortunately it was a size bigger than I normally wear and although I could probably make it work, it was also an incredibly scratchy fabric. It didn’t feel nice on the skin- at all. So I put it back.

Linen pink moto jacket

This one I believe is a brand that Anthropologie carries and I really liked it! It’s a pretty pinky-beige which can be an awesome summer neutral and it’s 100% which is nice. I envision myself wearing this with a white t-shirt and skinnies for a really casual look. This piece was priced at $14.49 which I think is fair for the quality and material.

Yellow dress

I loved the look of this piece on the hanger! It was a beautiful satin mustard party dress with pretty cut-outs around the neckline and a simple a-line skirt. I wish it had fit but it was probably 2 sizes too big. This one, again, is a brand that Anthro carries. It was really pricy though - in the $25 dollar range - which I think is a bit steep. Anywho, since it didn’t fit, it was a no.

After trying on those first items, my only yes was the linen jacket and I decided to do one last sweep to see if anything caught my eye. I checked the handbags fairly quickly and then went back to the blouses and sleeveless top aisles (since they were busy earlier and I had skipped over them). After looking for around 10 more minutes I picked up a couple more things:

Grey sweater

This sweater was not at all my size but I figured it would be cute oversized! I liked that it had a windowpane pattern and was a light grey. After I gave it a little more thought, I realized that a t-shirt sweater really doesn’t make sense for me and the climate I live in. Usually if I’m wearing a sweater, I actually want sleeves on it. So this one got put back!

Mustard satin tank

I was so excited about this one! It was my size, perfect condition (new with tags) and I’ve been looking for satin tanks lately (I recently got a black one that I’m in love with - so cute under a blazer!). This one, I didn’t try on in the store since I was fairly certain it would work and this brought my trip to a close.

I left the store with the mustard satin tank and the linen jacket and spent $22.60 in total. Here is what they look like on:

The linen jacket. Super comfy and cute but still unique!

The satin tank. A little deeper of a V than I normally go for - but such a rich colour!

What do you think? Do you thrift in a similar way? What have been your latest thrift scores?

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