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Closet Tracking App

If you've been a long time reader of mine, you might remember the days that I used to track the clothes I wore on a spreadsheet and I would post a pie chart of what I've been wearing. Well, that became quite a bit of work and maintenance so I decided to switch over to an app that does (most) of the heavy lifting for me.

I've been using "YourCloset," a closet tracking app since March of this year and so far so good. Some days I forget to track an outfit, but for the most part I'm pretty consistent. The most work is starting it up because it asks you to upload pictures of every item of clothing. I didn't feel like taking pictures so I used photos of the item from the internet (that way the pictures are really professional and nice looking) but that probably takes an equal amount of time, especially when trying to find an item that is from an older season.

After putting in the pictures, you can add more details (like the size, brand, cost, etc...). The most crucial information, in my opinion, is adding in the cost of the item. The reason I say this is because the app has a feature that let's you know the cost-per-wear of your items! So cool!

So once I had logged for a few months, I checked the "Style Stats" feature on the app, which tells me my most worn items, least worn, best value and worst value. It's actually kind of interesting (and sometimes shocking). When I used to do my tracking on a spreadsheet, every time I opened it up, I would see how many wears an item had so there was never a shock or reveal. Now it's kind of a surprise. Some items were obvious, like my black espadrilles and my plain black leggings - but other items (like that Tory Burch tote) didn't feel like closet "staples" to me - but I guess they are!

I also really like that it tracks the cost-per-wear of items. It's interesting because it really reminds me what items are worth it (for me) and what is a colossal waste of money. It also gives me a gentle nudge to post on poshmark (check me out @considercloset) some of the items that have not been worn. That being said, the style stats aren't completely accurate - I started closet tracking in March so none of my Fall & Winter clothing pieces got tracked on the app. So, it'll tell me that my winter coats have a high cost-per-wear and 0 wears when I know that's not true. I guess to get a really good picture, you'd have to track for at least 1 year so that all your seasonal items have an equal chance.

In any case, I've been enjoying this way of tracking my wears and I find that it's a little motivation to take a good look and reconsider pieces that I thought I loved but have 0 wears after all this time.

Is tracking your closet too much work?! Is it super type A of me to do? Let me know!

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