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Closet Declutter

I'm always curious to see what people declutter from their wardrobes, so I figured I would highlight a few pieces here today. I'll explain the rationale behind it and if it was a good or bad purchase. Let's start with some of the good:

These skinny jeans were such a staple in my wardrobe. I don't remember the brand but ever since I was in highschool, I always wear through a mid or dark wash skinny jean. These ones were worn until there was holes in the thigh! Generally I own one skinny jean and wear it out, and then proceed to find a replacement that looks... well essentially identical. But it works for me! I know a skinny jean will always get wear in my wardrobe!

This one is a semi-success. This thin turtleneck sweater was something I used to wear at least weekly, if not more often. I would hand wash it to make sure it stayed pristine! In the end, since it's a thinner material - it ended up pilling and getting see-through after about a year of constant wear. I did really enjoy this piece, and wore it a lot, but I haven't replaced it because I do want to have items that last longer and the nature of this kind of top (being such a thin knit) means it won't.

This one was a little bit of a fail. But hear me out - this skirt is so cute and a black denim mini is a real "classic" item. But that being said, this one made me feel so self-conscious when wearing it since it was tight and short. I just felt like I couldn't be myself! And ultimately, that made me let it go. This is a kind of item, that I may one day have in my wardrobe again, but a version that fits me and makes me feel ultra confident!

Last but not least, this baby pink blouse has left my closet. This was a thrifted item that I thought I would get a ton of wear out of but I felt it looked a little frumpy on me since it was actually a few sizes larger than I normally wear - so the shoulder seams kind of flumped over. The bell sleeve is also not super practical, especially when trying to layer a cardigan or jacket. Ultimately, I think the fit and style was just not for me although it was a beautiful piece that I'm sure someone else will enjoy!

So those are 4 items that have left my closet! I hope this helps with a level of transparency - my wardrobe isn't close to perfect and I make shopping mistakes! Sometimes there's no way for us to know if an item will work, regardless of the intentionality we put into a decision. But I don't feel too bad if I'm shopping secondhand and it goes back to a not-for-profit thrift store - at least there's no added demand or waste on the fashion industry.

How are you feeling about your wardrobe?

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