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Christy Dawn Dress Review

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I remember when I was first looking into sustainable fashion, the brand Christy Dawn came up as an LA based dress brand that was known for it's vintage inspired feminine pieces and stunning photoshoots. They are particularly pricy, with dresses ranging from $250 cad - to over $600.

That price range definitely excluded me and my student budget from testing out their clothing - however I always thought their pieces were beautiful! Since then, they've expanded into shoes and other clothing pieces like tops and coats, and everything has the same vibe and aesthetic qualities as their first collections.

Christy Dawn aims to make timeless, versatile pieces that are either made of up-cycled fabrics or organic materials, with most pieces being made by their team in LA (and some are made in India now because of a farm-to-closet initiative they started).

FIY: This post is not sponsored, but contains a referral link. I purchased this item with my own money secondhand and all opinions are my own.

Referral link: http://christydawn.refr.cc/theconsideratecloset

Anyone can have a referral link when signing up to have a Christy Dawn account. If you shop through this link, you'll get $45 off a purchase of $225 or more and I get $45 credit to use towards a future purchase. I encourage you to look for a Christy Dawn piece secondhand though - since it'll be more sustainable for your wallet! ;)

The dress that I'm trying out is one that I got secondhand off Poshmark (a buy and sell app). You can find my closet here: @considercloset. I got this piece for $70 and was so excited to experience all the Christy Dawn hype.

An aside: if you're signing up for Poshmark for the first time, as you sign up enter my code: CONSIDERCLOSET and you'll get $15 off your first purchase and I'll get $15 store credit. Once again, anyone who is signed up on the app can have a referral code, so you'll be able to refer your friends and keep the deals going!

The style I'm wearing is the Autumn Dress - which normally retails for $350. Definitely purchasing secondhand is the way to go in my opinion. It's a beautiful dress and Christy Dawn breaks down the pricing (see below), however I think it's most important to prioritize what's sustainable for your budget. Nothing is worth going into debt for or sacrificing financial stability. That's why I thrift so much because, while I care about the earth, I have to make sure I can get by day-to-day.

(I believe these numbers are in usd $ since that is where Christy Dawn is located!)

This dress is a slight high-low maxi wrap dress with tulip sleeves and a beautiful floral pattern on a navy background. I hand-washed it and it's turned out fine (however it's recommended to be eco-dry cleaned). I think it's a really flattering shape and could be worn casually or dressed up for an event like a wedding.

Now I will say, this dress is wonderfully well-made and I think it's a timeless cut and style that I'll wear for years to come. That being said, I can't imagine spending the full price on it at this point in my life. Maybe if I won the lottery I'd be all for it, but I just think that the price is too steep for my budget and lifestyle. If you love their pieces and are focussing on creating a sustainable closet and want to save up for it, then yes, I can tell you it's a beautifully made garment with a highly considered cut and aesthetic.

I'm glad I have this piece in my wardrobe and will definitely have my eye out for other secondhand Christy Dawn dresses, and Poshmark is a great app for that!

Have you tried Christy Dawn? What are your thoughts?

Ps. The purse is also secondhand but from a local thrift store - what a score! I encourage everyone to thrift because there is such a variety of brands and styles to try out on a budget and in a sustainable way!

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