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Chelsea King Scrunchie Review

Updated: Apr 21

Chelsea King (CK) is a brand known for its Canadian-made scrunchies and feminine + classic aesthetic. It was founded in 2013 and has since gotten rave reviews and lot’s of media attention. Celebrities have been spotted sporting their scrunchies, magazine editors have included them in many publications and as a small Canadian business; people have been wanting to support them during this time, plus they’ve been public about giving back to frontline healthcare workers.

I personally found out about Chelsea King through Instagram and their beautifully curated pictures intrigued me! I can definitely see how the owner of CK, Emily, has prioritized a brand aesthetic and carefully curated her products and social media. I really appreciate beautiful, well-thought out and curated design and CK pulled on my artistic heart strings. When I found out they were Canadian owned and made, I knew I wanted to take the plunge and try their scrunchies out.

I purchased these scrunchies with my own money and all opinions are my own!

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Now, now time for the rationalization. Are scrunchies a necessity? Nope, not at all! However, my hair is long overdue a haircut and I’ve been embracing the longer lengths by making use of the 2 scrunchies I own (which are both black athletic material, one smaller, and one larger). They’re great - but I am itching to add a little bit more style and colour into my hair so I thought these CK ones could fill that void.

CK has several different categories of scrunchies on their website: active, satin, natural (in linen materials with neutral colour ways), brights and feminine classics. Most of their fabrics are available in 3 scrunchie sizes (from largest to smallest): regular, petite and slim.

I really love that those size options exist because while i love a good scrunchie, I’m not a huge fan of the really big ones in my hair. I opted to go for the middle size: petite. Which still has enough volume to make a statement but doesn’t overwhelm my bun or pony. I purchased 2 scrunchies for myself and one (that I’m not showing in this post) as a gift for someone else.

I got the Natural Linen Beachwood scrunchie in petite ($18 cad)

I thought this one was a good option because I love linen as a texture in my wardrobe, especially in the summer. It’s a beautiful greenish neutral colour that I feel won’t stand out too much in my hair, but is still a very unique colour and texture for a scrunchie. I find that the texture of this scrunchie is great because it has a little more grip in my hair and doesn’t fall out like a satin or athletic material would.

The second one I purchased is the Cashmere Nude Blush scrunchie in petite ($18 cad)

This one is not actually made of cashmere, but according to CK, a more durable but equally soft Rayon material. I can report back once I’ve owned it for longer (on my insta and I can add a little edit to this post) as to whether or not it ends up pilling!

This has been the one I’ve been reaching for the most because the blush pink is a cute contrasting colour in my dark brown hair and it doesn’t fall out since because of the grippy material and strong elastic.

Overall, I’m really pleased with my CK scrunchies. They feel like really good quality and their fabric and pattern choices are well curated. Each scrunchie came in a little reusable cotton drawstring bag which is great for gifting (and reusing around the house!). I’m super happy with my purchase and if you're looking to invest in Canadian made goods and want a high quality scrunchie, then I’d definitely recommend. It’s not a necessity but it is a sweet little luxury and a great gift idea.

Have you tried Chelsea King? What are your thoughts?!

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