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Charlotte Tilbury Review

Charlotte Tilbury is a super hyped luxury makeup brand that stormed Youtube (or social media in general). It's based in the UK but has expanded over time as it gained popularity. I've been slowly acquiring different products from their line since it came to stores in Canada, and I think now, after a few years of using their products, I can form a well-rounded review of the products I've used:

I've used two different shades of these shadow pencils. In the colour Bronzed Garnet, I used this as a thick eyeliner. I like a smudgy line, focussing on the outer corners of the eye. I've used this colour entirely up, and have decided not to repurchase because it wasn't as versatile as I wanted it to be. It's marketed as a stick shadow, so I wanted to wear it all over the lid, but the blendability with this darker colour just wasn't there. Champagne is a colour I can wear all over the lid but it's super glittery (be warned) and it is currently somewhere at my sister's place and I haven't gone back to retrieve it - so I guess that might tell you that this definitely isn't worth the splurge!

These quads are definitely foolproof: their blendability and easy-to-wear shades make them perfect if you want a quick makeup routine that involves eyeshadow. These are the only two eye palettes I own and it really helps reduce decision fatigue for me, especially in the morning. I either decide if I want a pinky warm toned look or neutral, cool mattes and that's about it! I've never gotten a bad eye look from working with these palettes! Now do you need to spend the money? Honestly, no. You can definitely find good shadows elsewhere but it depends on if you can find a small palette that has all the shades and finishes you personally want. I haven't seen an equivalent at my local drugstore that offers the exact range that I've found in these two CT palettes. That being said, Pillow Talk has a dupe called XXposed by XXrevolution (not sold in Canada at the moment, but worth mentioning) that Jessica Braun talked about on her Youtube channel. Overall, the mattes in these palettes are amazing quality and I really enjoy the option of the glitter topper shade in Pillow Talk because it allows me to choose if I want to add glitter to any makeup look I'm going for.

This is the latest addition to my makeup drawer and I'm really enjoying it! It gives a really natural effect, which I personally enjoy. The highlighter isn't too glowy or glittery and the bronzer is just the right amount of warm without being orange, for my skin tone. The powders are super finely milled and I think this will last me a really long time. I also really enjoy that it has a huge mirror, because I don't have a makeup "spot" or a tabletop mirror to use, so I can use the included mirror instead.

I started off not loving this mascara, but it gets better with age (by "age" I mean 1-2 weeks after opening). At first it's a really wet formula, but as it gets dryer, it becomes easier (and less messy) to apply. I really like the effect it has on my lashes: super dark with thick volume. That being said, it can get clumpy and messy to apply, especially when it is freshly opened! I'd say this one can be worth it if you enjoy the effect that it gives and don't mind too much about the wet formula however, I still stand by enjoying the Too Faced "Better than Sex" mascara and I've recently heard Bite Beauty came out with a mascara that sounds similar but comes off really easily when using makeup remover (which is such a perk!). As always, with high end mascara: wait until a Sephora sale to get the best deal, because nothing is worth the high end price tag.

I can't tell this eyeliner is limited edition or not, but it's still currently available at Sephora Canada. It's a red-ish warm-toned brown and is SUPER pigmented. It glides on super smooth and there's some time to smudge it out, but once it sets, it stays put! I also have wattery eyes, so I feel like I can truly attest to the staying power. I definitely love the unique colour and since eyeliners generally last a very long time for me, I'd say it's worth it if you're looking for an eyeliner that is in a neutral but unique shade.

This is a very finely milled pressed powder that can almost be a powder foundation (if you press it firmly with a dense brush). I really enjoy this powder because it doesn't emphasize the dry-ness of my skin but also gives some coverage. I don't wear foundation, but I do like adding powder to my t-zone and it's nice to have some blurring and coverage of imperfections. It's worth it if you can find a good shade match, but I'm pretty sure their shade range sucks, so hopefully they expand on that soon.

Guys... these are essentially the same colour (They're not but they're pretty similar), so don't waste your money on getting both. I got Pillow Talk first and then a few months later (right before the pandemic hit) I ordered Everlasting Kiss and then things shut down and I never got around to returning it. Definitely just pick one or the other. But that being said, the formula of these CT lipsticks are beautiful and they wear (and fade) really nicely throughout the day. I like that the packaging isn't clunky or obnoxious, but if you're an avid lipstick wearer, these might not last long because I've heard there's not that much product in the bullet. I don't wear lipstick everyday, so that doesn't bother me, because I know I won't "run out" anytime soon. These two shades are perfect "classy lady" my-lips-but-better colours for me, so I really like their versatility and how comfortable they are to wear!

So, to round it all out: Charlotte Tilbury products are sometimes worth the price. That's not really a definitive answer for you, but it really depends on what you're looking for in your makeup and if you want to splurge on products. You definitely don't need to splurge because there are tons of great drugstore options, but I was personally curious about the brand and all the hype, and the packaging drew me in. I think CT does a really good job of curating her products to ensure that everything is cohesive and wearable. All the products I have are on the more "natural" side of things and wear comfortably while fading gracefully as the day goes on.

My top recommendations? Definitely the eyeshadow quads if you're looking for an easy, foolproof palette that requires no extra thought. They're not revolutionary by any means, but they're simple and easy (and that's what I'm going for early in the morning!). I really enjoy using all my CT products, but if I had to say what to avoid it would be the colour chameleon eye pencils, because they're more work to blend than it's worth and the mascara if you dislike wet mascara formulas. The rest is really personal preference and if you want to spend your money on luxe makeup. So final verdict? Charlotte Tilbury creates a curated collection of luxe makeup products that are sometimes worth it, depending on your personal preference.

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