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Changing my Mind

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Upon seeing this outfit in pictures, I’m actually not loving it anymore. I think it would’ve looked nicer with a long-line grey blazer and a little bit of ankle showing (maybe by rolling the hem of my pants).

But it is what it is. Sometimes combinations aren’t as great as we imagined them to be! But that’s reality and that’s why I thought I should post it anyway. Not everything I wear is picture-perfect or an amazing outfit. Most days I wear the same thing over and over and sometimes when I try a new combination - it just doesn’t work!

I love all the pieces of this outfit individually though. The top is oversized and cropped and is a nice off-white beige neutral colour and I love that it’s a heavier cotton weight. I think it would look great with a skirt but also with any high-waisted trousers or denim.

These trousers are awesomely high-waisted (which I prefer in my clothing because of my body-shape). And these booties are the ones you’ve seen a million times before on the blog and my Instagram. They’re black, they’re basic and they work with everything.

Do you tend to change your mind with your outfits? I usually decide throughout the day if I like it or not (based on my comfort level throughout the day) but sometimes it’s not until I see photos or try to wear the combination a second time that I decide it’s not for me. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!



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