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Challenging my Go-To

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I’m currently doing the #msbeltempochallenge on Insta (you can find me @the_considerate_closet). It was created by Alyssa (@msbeltempo) who is also a youtuber and talks about things like buying less, living slow and being intentional. The essence of the challenge is going 7 days without picking out the thing you normally gravitate towards in your wardrobe.

For me, that’s the colour black. I love wearing black clothes because I find it really easy. Easy in terms of pairing items together (since I don’t need to think about the colours clashing or not), easy because I can’t possibly stain black and also I think black can look really chic and effortless. I wear a lot of black, which you’ve probably noticed on my Insta and here on the blog. All of my investment pieces are black so that I know they’re timeless: things like my Moto jacket, boots and my most-used handbag.

I was encouraged to do this challenge by the super kind Gillian @uncomplicatedspaces. She has a blog too, which you can check out here.

I’m not going to wearing black for 7 days. Shoes were a toughie, so since I don’t really have seasonally appropriate shoes that aren’t black, I’m letting my shoes slide this time. You can make any exception or changes to the challenge in order to suit you and your lifestyle. Maybe you want to challenge yourself to not wear your go-to shoe for a week, or to not wear a certain clothing style. It’s whatever floats your boat!

This is a look I wore before the challenge even started, but it’ll be an outfit I wear during this challenge too (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it - right?). So far, I’ve worn my cargo green pants (not a heavily worn item in my closet) and a top that I was “saving” for warmer weather (because I couldn’t figure out how to transition it for winter). I’ve found that I really need to be more creative in my outfit making when I eliminate my go-to black items. I also have to think a little bit harder about layering since generally, my light-coloured clothes are geared towards spring and summer.

I’ve been loving seeing what other people are choosing to wear too, so if you’re interested on seeing the different approaches to the challenge, check out the hashtag @msbeltempochallenge.



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