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Canadian Brands to Support

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

A hot topic of conversation right now is small businesses and supporting local during these tough times. So I've been really curious trying to find the tinier brands that offer beautiful pieces of clothing - either made in Canada or collecting "green" or "ethical" options and selling them from a curated boutique.

While I know it's not possible for everyone to support local (typically more expensive) brands right now (and honestly, I'm not in the position to support either), I figured I could do my part by scouring the internet and bringing them together in one place for those of you who want to go that route!

This is also a resource I'll probably look back upon in a year or two when I'm needing something and want to support Canadian businesses.

Here's a list of the ones I have found:

Charlie & Lee

Charlie & Lee is a Vancouver based store that sells a curated selection of made in North America or ethical goods. Their items are on the pricier side but since they do carry several different brands, the price points are varied. They carry household and lifestyle items too like stationary and throw pillows! They offer free shipping on Canadian orders over $100.

Beaton Linen

Beaton linen is another Vancouver based brand that sustainably sources their linen. Designed by Katie Beaton, her pieces are classic yet quirky and gives off an artistic vibe. In my opinion, I think her staple piece is the classic linen overall.

Nomi Designs Clothing

Nomi is another small business from British Columbia that focusses on linen clothing (clearly you can see the trend that I'm into linen for spring-summer). Her pieces are very minimalist with warm tones and neutrals. I would like to mention that their sizing is a little limited but their clothing does seem to be a little roomy which can accommodate. Their sizes usually range from S, M, L however some pieces come in an XS-XL range. They do also have some "one size fits all" items like the Ann Jacket (which is gorgeous but this sizing also deters me from purchasing).

Nomi also carries menswear!

Korinne Vader Handmade Goods

Also from BC but originally an Ontario gal, Korinne Vader also makes beautiful pieces. She has jewellery and clothing on her site. She has a lot of gorgeous pieces but many are currently out of stock. If you do find one in stock in your size though, she's got a great 30% sale going on which would make this super affordable for handmade items!

Uniform Handmade

Okay, it seems like a lot of brands I like are BC based. But Uniform Handmade has been on my radar for quite a while. She has a very curated selection of pieces that she offers in both silks and linens.


Victoire boutique (based in Ottawa) is a collector of Canadian brands and has a very well-rounded shop that includes jewellery, clothing and shoes at various price points. Usually I scour their sale section and I have purchased an Eve Gravel piece from them in the past.

White Elephant

White Elephant is a similar concept to Victoire but it's based in Hamilton, ON. I've shopped there in person and online and the two owners are absolutely lovely! I would definitely recommend.

Bees & Bones

Bees & Bones gives me Reformation-type vibes for sure! Their pieces definitely have some vintage inspiration and are handmade in BC. Some are ready to ship, while others are made to order. I really like the look of their pieces and would be interested in purchasing from them in the future since their price range is a little less steep compared to some of the other brands on this list.

That's just scratching the surface! I might do some more round ups and I can try focussing on other provinces as well since the majority of these brands were on the West Coast. They all have beautiful pieces with unique points of view.

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