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Blundstones: Review

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I remember when I lived in Hamilton and was surrounded by other art students it seemed like EVERYONE had a pair of blundstones. Sure, they’re cute but I didn’t think it was worth the price and I didn’t want to blow my minimal student budget on just a pair of boots. So I didn’t until I graduated and worked for a few months and then I was tempted. I mean, everyone said they were so comfy and useful for our Canadian weather. And they looked nice on! So this past December I purchased a pair, and after several months of wear, I think it’s about time I review them. Are blundstones really worth the money?


Cost: $249.95 cad +tax

Name: 1351 Blundstone, Women’s series Rustic Brown


So the boot that I chose has a higher amount of ankle coverage (because I wanted to make sure I was going to be warm!) and it fits tight around the ankle. I really enjoy that because I feel really snug in the shoe and it also means wind and snow doesn’t manage to slip into my boot as I’m walking.

They have anti-slip rubberized soles which is great because I wear these when it’s snowy and icy outside and they are waterproofed which is a must for me. All these qualities make the shoe durable and also really practical.

What’s not the most practical is the slip-on and off nature of the shoe. Since the ankle opening is so tight it does take a bit of finagling in order to get the shoe on. Eventually you get the technique down but the first few times, putting on the shoe took a couple of minutes.


I chose this shoe for a few “style reasons”. First off, I liked the colour of the leather. It’s a mid cool-tone brown which I find is fairly versatile. There’s a sort of “speckling” pattern to the leather which means that it ages really well and doesn’t show dirt or scuffs (which I love! Because I sure do wear my shoes to the ground).

I also really enjoyed the little “eyelet” details around the elasticated ankle bit. I find that it adds a little feminine touch and makes the shoe feel a bit more special and not so plain and “workwear” utilitarian. Finally, the pull-on tabs at the top of the ankle opening are super convenient to pull the shoes on. While I think these tabs do make the shoe appear more casual, I also think they look cute, especially if some wool socks are peeking out from under.


I’ve worn these shoes a lot and I do have to say - they are really comfortable. They fit snug on the foot but don’t squish at all and they required no breaking-in. Which is amazing for a leather boot. The sole of the shoe is very supportive and there are no parts of the shoe that rubs my foot the wrong way. I do always wear socks with these boots and in the winter when it is really cold, I double up and wear very thick wool socks to increase the warmth of the boot.

The boot is also 100% waterproof which makes it even more comfortable when walking in the rain or snow!

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I’m very pleased with these boots. I do actually think they are worth the money, especially if you struggle to find winter boots that fit your style and are comfortable and practical in your everyday life. I really enjoy the practicality, comfort and style of these boots and they work well for me.

However, I do feel if you’re not in need of cold-weather boots and don’t live in a cold climate, they’re probably not necessary. I think because of the cost, getting my cost-per-wear down is really important and if I didn’t live in Ontario, I probably wouldn’t wear them as often (since they aren’t the most gorgeous and most “my style” boot ever).

I hope this review helped!

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