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Birds of North America + White Elephant Boutique

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

A little while ago, I reviewed a boutique + brand they carry based out of Ottawa and Toronto (Victoire Boutique, you can see the post HERE). I thought I’d do the same for a boutique I’ve shopped at in-person and the shop that really sparked my interest in pursuing ethical and locally made clothing. This lovely place is called:

White Elephant

Guys, I love this shop. The two owners are the loveliest women and I got to meet them at a creative business panel last year that I attended with a friend. I had already visited the shop a few times before that panel, but hearing their stories and talking with them more personally really impacted me because they were so open, welcoming and genuine.

At the time, as a university student, spending money on higher priced (albeit high quality and ethical +local) clothing wasn’t really an option. But I popped into their Westdale location and James St. N. Location on multiple occasions because the place has such a lovely vibe (Their Westdale location closed at the end of February this year so they can focus more on their online store and downtown Hamilton location). My first purchase there was a gift I bought for my sister, a grey scarf, that she loves to death (so much so, that when she thought she had lost it, she wanted me to see if they still carried it a year later).

White Elephant carries Canadian-made items like clothing, apothecary, ceramics, jewellery and some cards. They always wrap everything beautifully, which is also the case when ordering online.

Over the summer, I had purchased a Dagg & Stacey dress from them which is a really comfy black cotton babydoll (looser fit) dress. More recently, and the item I’ll be talking about today, I ordered a wrap top from Birds of North America.

I purchased the Crescent Chest Top in the colour Moss, in a size XS (my normal size). It sells for $129 but I got it on sale for $64.50.

My initial reaction upon opening my package (which came in a recycled mailer bag- yay!) was that it was very nicely wrapped in tissue and the Bamboo Rayon - Cotton blend felt really plush and high quality. It feels lightweight and stretchy but is opaque and super soft. The colour is beautiful and can definitely work as a neutral in an outfit. Since it is a wrap style, it can be adjusted to fit perfectly and to show as little or as much chest as you’d like.

My top also came with a handwritten note from White Elephant and an adorable pencil that is colour-changing (which I’ll be happy to use).

Back to the top: I always love wrap-style cuts in tops and dresses because I find that they’re universally flattering and this item is no different. I can see it working well with anything high waisted and might even look cute layered on top of a dress.

Now, let’s talk more about the maker, Birds of North America.

It’s a Canadian clothing line that designer Hayley Gibson founded in 2007. All of the pieces are ethically made in Canada. Gibson writes on the Birds of North America website that she wants customers to feel “comfortable and welcome” in their clothing. You can tell, by looking at the pieces online and in-store that they are made very thoughtfully.

I’m really glad that I can support local businesses by choosing Canadian and ethically made garments. For me, the piece is worth the price because of the fit, quality, ethics and the story behind the item (and although I have to invest on these items on sale, I hope that in the future, I can support these makers and businesses at regular price).

What do you think of the crescent top? I’d love to hear from you!

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