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Autumnal Plaids

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

If you've been following me on insta, you'll probably have noticed that I'm very into plaid lately.

Plaid trousers, plaid skirts, plaid blazers. I can't get enough! For some reason I associate plaid with fall and I'm taking in the spirit of the season through this pattern.

Generally, I don't really wear many prints but I find that plaid, stripes and polka dots are all trendless, timeless pieces that I can have in my wardrobe forever. I do still try to keep the colours pretty basic though, so that the piece doesn't reflect a certain fleeting trend of colour story.

In other news, I have reading week next week and I AM SO READY. Grad school is a thousand times more stressful than I imagined and I also haven't really figured out a great routine to juggle school, the commute, assignments, readings, work and down time. Hopefully I'll get into a groove soon and I won't feel like I'm constantly scrambling!

Get it? Because I'm scrambling... eggs... (cringe joke I know, just bear with me).

Anywho, back to the plaids. I keep my outfits simple surrounding my one statement, patterned piece. So usually a solid coloured sweater or turtleneck, tights and black boots! I find it really fun and exciting to be injecting a bit more personality into my otherwise neutral and plain wardrobe!

How are you making your closet feel more autumnal? Is it a shift in colours? Injecting patterns? Or just the inclusion of textured knits and thicker fabrics?

Let me know in the comments!

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