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April Musings

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Life is picking up speed lately and I feel like I need to get back on track and organized.

I spent quite a bit of this year feeling lost (like most people my age or in my post-school lifestyle), feeling pretty down about my sub-par retail jobs and just being meh altogether. This month I’ve finally started a job that has more to do with my field (art! yay!) and it’s really made me happy because I get to talk about what I love and I get to interact with people who are keen to learn more.

Plans are also starting to fall into place which I think has helped me gain a better sense of direction and stability. I finally feel like I'm working towards bigger things which is awesome.

That being said, since so many things are happening, I need to get my butt in gear to start being more organized and on the ball with all the upcoming changes. Here’s what I plan on doing:

Keep a more organized agenda

While I do keep a calendar to keep track of my shifts, etc… I definitely need to figure out a better system because I have my calendar, my separate daily to-do list, important things I can’t forget to do in the future - all on separate little sheets of paper that become chaos. I’ve tried the bullet journal thing in the past but it just ain’t happening for me- I can’t keep up with the creation of the weekly spread (I would just rather have those things already done). I don’t really know what my solution is yet, but I might try colour-coordinating tasks or maybe using post-its. I’ll keep you guys updated if I find a good system that works.

Make a budget

Ah yes, the dreaded budget. I did one for a bit during my undergrad but… it kind of got forgotten when life got busy. But I think I need to get it back out and be more realistic with my finances and savings. So yes, the budget is a thing. Also considering actually carrying cash with me instead of just cards; so that when I do spend money, I feel more accountable about it.

Declutter the extras

Whenever life gets busy, I try to streamline different parts of my life. So for example, I’ll declutter my makeup drawer so that I only have one option of any given product. This means, that in the morning when I’m getting ready, I don’t have to make any decisions - I just use what’s there.

I do it mainly to avoid decision-fatigue, but it also makes me feel much more organized when I don’t have tons of stuff cluttering my space.

Those are the major things on my list so far. It’s time to get organized.

How’s your life going? Are you debarking on the quintessential spring cleaning spree? Or just trying to get yourself organized for summertime?



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