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A Last Minute Kind of Holiday

Happy holidays!!! It's been quite hectic here on my end: I've been finishing my second-last semester of grad school and recently my area got placed in its second lockdown. Wrapping things up for work, sorting out last minute gifts and prepping for the holidays has made the past few weeks a whirlwind!

In terms of the holidays this year, I've kept things pretty low key (as I'm sure most of us are!). For friends that I would normally see, I sent some handmade holiday cards and then I ordered a few items that I got the company to directly ship to them! I'm a pretty early holiday shopper so I didn't need to pick much up but this year, I made an even bigger effort to shop small. Some of my favourites are:

- Chelsea King scrunchies ( I like the petite size scrunchies)

- Thrifted finds (like a wool scarf and a brand new Kate Spade notebook - also check out the book section for recipe books!)

- We all know I love my Stojo cup, and Well.ca sells them!

I hope that gives you some ideas, but I know I'm late to the party in terms of gift suggestions! Let me know what you're gifting this year or if you're keeping it minimal!

On an unrelated note, I feel like the outfit is very holiday-esque. Purely because I think plaid is a festive pattern! Usually I layer a shirt under this plaid dress but this time I threw on a cropped sweater over top. I think it makes it look like a top & skirt combo instead, which adds a little variety into my wardrobe! I love when things are versatile. I definitely also wore a coat before and after these pictures since it is getting chilly outside! Although I think the cold snap came a little late this year, we're getting into the negative numbers now so good jackets are a must.

Let me know if you'd like to see an outerwear collection! I'm quite the jacket hoarder (I blame it on being Canadian) but it's definitely a realm that I should probably declutter. Since this year has been so hard on so many of us, I'm trying to be good about passing along beautiful things to the thrift store so that somebody who needs it can find a true gem!

Happy holidays from me to you!

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