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A Focus on Gratitude

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

These photos were taken a little earlier in the month when the weather wasn’t as cold. But I loved this day and how the photos turned out, so I figured I would share them anyway!

This feels like a very "me" outfit and this styling makes me like this Eve Gravel cardigan so much more. When I bought this cardigan, I thought it was going to get so much wear and that it was a great investment. But it just wasn’t.

The colour didn’t seem quite right for me and I struggled to style it into outfits. Fast forward a year and I’m finally warming up to it. I love the cut and the design details, so for me the challenge is to find colours and pairings that make this cardigan sing in an outfit. Usually I shy away from brown coloured clothing because I generally think it clashes with my hair and can make my outfits look a little dreary - so if I do inject brown its more of a tan or a beige (something a little lighter and brighter).

I think I've found success in this look! The lighter tones of the denim and cream top underneath make the sweater pop and the booties are leg-lengthening and more structured which help contrast the casual vibes of the cardigan.

Although I thought this cardigan would be a no-brainer essential for me, it’s not a failure in my closet. Sure, I have to put more work into thinking of styling it - but I think it's still worth it. The unique factor, comfort factor and supporting Canadian-made are all reasons why it’s worth it. Plus I spent my money on it and like it in theory - so why not wear it?

A lot has happened since these pictures were taken and I'm trying to be brave in all my endeavours. I got probably a little too comfortable with where I was in life and then life got turned upside down. Although change is hard, I'm doing my best to put my best-self forward and to focus on being grateful for what I do have - instead of brewing over what I don't. So in the teeniest and most insignificant way, I have this sweater and I'm going to be grateful and wear it as much as I can.

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