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10 Ways to Look More Put Together

Ever wanted to look a tad more polished but didn't want to spend money on new things, tailoring or getting your nails done? Yeah, me too. Here are some things that you can easily do on a budget in order to look polished and chic.

Wear a tinted lip balm

Having a wash of colour that fades more gracefully than a lipstick helps to make it look like you’re trying a teeny bit harder than just using some vaseline. It also helps to add a little something extra without having to do a full face of makeup!

Have a signature scent

Whether it be from your body wash, moisturizer or perfume. I say keep it consistent. All the classy ladies I’ve met have always had a signature scent to be remembered by and it gives off the aura of put-togetherness.

Keep the accessories simple

Less is more. Pick one statement and maybe a couple other "add-ons" and leave it at that. I usually keep it to one ring on each hand, one bracelet, 1-2 necklaces and then my earrings. My favourite jewellery pieces are basic and classic - I stick to gold to keep my collection consistent.

Wear a monochromatic outfit

This means one colour from head to toe! It could be all black but you could also wear different tones of another colour. For example if you choose beige, you can mix up tones of cream, tan, cognac. Mixed together, tonal looks always seem ultra polished!

Stick to non-branded items

A large logo (in my opinion) has the potential to downgrade your look. Unless your look is athleisure (which in that case, I’m pretty sure the logo is a big deal). I find that for longevity and to avoid trends, picking items of clothing with minimal branding always works out best for me in the long-run.

Find what fits

I know, I know - we all love a hoodie thats 3 sizes too big for us. But when you want to look put together, wear clothes that fit you (not too tight, not too loose). As a person with petite stature, I can easily get swamped by clothes - so I look out for items that fit well on my shoulders and that are the correct arm length (granted, I roll up my sleeves - which is an easy fix if you don’t want to get your garments tailored).

Choose one statement and that’s it

There’s no need for different parts of the same outfit to compete with one another. Pick one stand-out special piece and make the rest of your outfit compliment it with basics. Got a chunky beautiful necklace? Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt. A crazy patterned skirt? pair it with a boxy plain crop top and tennis shoes.

Natural fabrics say it all

Cotton, linen and wool are generally better quality, last longer and look more polished and pristine in comparison to non-breathable polyester, viscose, etc. If you're on a budget, I have a whole blog post about thrifting quality items at the thrift store.

Be prepared

There's nothing more polished than being prepared for whatever you're facing in the day. Maybe that means outlining your daily schedule in the morning and keeping your agenda on hand throughout the day. Or maybe that means getting a full-night's rest before a long hectic day. Being prepared is something you have control over and will make you feel (and look) more put together.


I know, I know. That's cheesy. But honestly, if you can smile through hard times and take on every challenge with a positive attitude, you'll appear put-together because nothing phases you.

I hope these 10 tips have helped give you an idea of some things you can easily incorporate into your life in order to look and feel more put together on an everyday basis. Maybe not all of these tips work for you, or maybe you're applying them all to a certain extent already! Let me know if you have any other thoughts or tips to share in the comment section!

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