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10 Things I’ve Stopped Buying

In an effort to budget more wisely and to continue to work on living simply and leading a more minimal lifestyle, I've slowly been changing my purchasing habits. Here are 10 things that I've stopped buying as a result:

Scented Candles

I bought a fancy aromatherapy candle and it ended up giving me headaches! Ever since that experience, I stopped purchasing candles in general. I just felt that financially, it wasn’t the smartest way to be spending my money, and while I do enjoy candles (especially around the holidays) they aren’t a necessity, nor do I want to induce headaches. So farewell candles (for now)!

Daily Coffeeshop Coffee

This is another “I mapped out my yearly budget and I realized I need to cut back” moment. I really don’t need to be spending $2+ 3-4 times a week on a coffeeshop coffee. While I love supporting cute little cafes, I also do know that I can make great coffee at home for a fraction of the cost! One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to make coffee the night before, pop it in the fridge and then it’s ready for iced coffee to go in the morning!


I stopped buying magazines over a year ago because I felt a bit wasteful about reading it a few times and then…. just letting it go (usually donating it or passing it on to a friend). I just felt a little guilty that I purchased essentially a “disposable” book. And I get the same gratification from reading beautiful blogs or scrolling through Pinterest. So I just figured - why not cut out magazines altogether!

Nail Polish

I have 3 nail polish colours and 3 tiny jars of dip powder and honestly - that’s already too much polish for me! I rarely paint my nails because I chip them so fast so it seems silly to be accumulating products for “one day” moments. If I do want to my nails done for a special event, I can always get it done at the salon once a year and make it extra special! That being said, I’m going to use the nail polishes I have until they A) run out or (more likely) B) dry out.


I’m a stationary lover and it’s getting to the point of ridiculous! While cute notebooks are great (and useful too!) I have WAY too many to work through right now. There’s no need for me to have a collection of empty notebooks. So right now, I’m making it a goal to work through all my notebooks before purchasing any more.


I’m the type of person who collects and keeps all their tiny perfume samples for fear that they’ll go to waste. Yet I don’t use them. I’ve been wearing a full-size perfume that I got as a gift and haven’t delved into any of those samples or rollerballs. So this year, I’m not purchasing any perfume until I use up all the samples, then the rollerballs and then the remnants of my full-size bottles. Perfumes CAN go bad (especially if you keep them in the sun!) so if you're not using them, store them in a dark place, and make that a priority!

Back-up Products

I don’t think I’m the only one who purchases back-up products and then almost never gets around to actually using them up. I’ve got quite a few back-ups ready and I’m making these priority items to use up. Just like perfume, toiletries can go bad, so I need to make a effort to use them. My worst offenders? Facial cleansers, body moisturizers and soaps. Surprisingly, I don’t stock up on makeup since I pay close attention to expiry dates. But apparently expiry dates go out the window for me in regards to toiletries. Yikes!


I don’t know why, but I have a silly amount of socks. And I don’t need them! There’s no way i’m actually getting use out of most of them because I rotate between 10-15 pairs (that vary between ankle, to crew, to winter woolly socks) and then… that’s it! I feel like my sock drawer does not reflect my needs at all. So my mission is to use them until they fall apart, and yes, to even wear the silly patterned and crazy coloured ones that are hidden in the depths of my drawers. I need to use what I’ve got!

Cheap Fast-Fashion

Well, I stopped this quite a while ago, but I still purchase from some higher quality fast-fashion retailers (like Aritzia, because I like supporting Canadian brands and their clothes fit me really well). But gone are the days of $5 t-shirts and Walmart shoes. For me it just makes more sense to get higher quality (and cheaper) items at the thrift store than to spend it on fast-fashion pieces that won’t last! Eliminating fast-fashion also means I have to really save up and think about clothing purchases, or make an effort to spend time thrifting. This means less clothing and less decluttering.

Items I’ve Settled On

I used to buy items that I didn’t truly love because they were “close enough” to what I was actually looking for. But guys, this is a waste of money! Because eventually, that item gets decluttered since it was “not quite right” and I usually end up saving up for the actual item I originally wanted in the long run. So I’ve cut out the middle-man and have stopped buying items I settle on. Now, I just go in with the mindset that if I want something, I’ll save up and wait for it, rather than making a quick and silly purchase.

Well, what a list that was! A little bit of beauty, lifestyle and then some more items that stem from a perspective shift. What are some items that you've stopped purchasing? Have you stopped to save money, work towards a more minimal lifestyle or another reason? Let me know in the comments!

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